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Artificial Banana Trees

Get ready for the changing seasons and festive crowds

Well, it's been the hottest summer since 1976, and if recent weather forecasts are to be taken seriously, we're in for a few more days of sunshine yet. It's also the time of year where the displays of picnic equipment, sun loungers and crazy inflatables make way for more seasonal and festive products like Halloween costumes, fireworks and of course, Christmas goods. It won't be long before st ... Read more

Artificial plants are perfect for chic and hassle-free summer decor

If you’ve been tuning in to the news recently, you’ll know that this summer is set to be the UK’s hottest in a decade. This is excellent news for lovers of all things summery, and means many of us will be spending much more time outdoors in the coming months. It also means that businesses - both in the public and private sectors - may want to start thinking about kitting their ... Read more

Looking forward to Spring and the Royal Wedding

Although winter has been trying its hardest to stick around longer than anyone really wanted, spring is finally starting to make an appearance. This year promises to be a great one, with an upcoming Royal Wedding and plenty of public festivals and events on the horizon. Spring, of course, is a time closely associated with blooming flowers and lush topiary. It’s also a great time to start thi ... Read more

Why artificial is best this Valentine's Day

Red roses are the quintessential Valentine's Day gift, and the international symbol of love the world over. Everybody loves the real thing, but there can be downsides to your bounteous blooms that will kill off your 'Romeo' act stone dead. So why take the risk? Let Just Artificial Limited show you how it's done. Durable displays Real roses can be as delicate as they are beautiful to look at, ... Read more

Getting Ready for Christmas

Halloween is almost upon us, and coming with it will be the need for stores, hotels, malls and more to shift from spooky decorations to festive signs. We’ve found that many of our customers like to phase this in, becoming steadily more Christmassy over time rather than ‘overload’ their visitors before December. These customers might start out with some holly and ivy, before a ... Read more

Artificial Plants for Halloween

The season of frights and fun is almost upon us. Anyone making plans for Halloween has to begin now – and if you’re running a business that needs a creepier shopfront for the end of October or you’re a Halloween lover who wants to really make an impact, ‘set dressing’ is as important as anything else – and at the core of that set dressing is some spooky foliage ... Read more

Back to School Blooms

As the night begins to darken and the days begin to get colder (and wetter!), Autumn is well and truly upon us. Don’t let the falling leaves outside impact the colour and life of your business’s flowers and plants, though! For your shopfronts and places of work, you can keep things blooming even this late in the year if you just think artificially. Now is the perfect time to make your ... Read more

Artificial Plants & Flowers for Hotels

It’s a rare hotel which doesn’t have copious plants and even flowers out front or in the lobby/reception area, and it’s common, too, to decorate interior restaurants with good-looking flower arrangements. There’s a reason for this; seeing that lush greenery and foliage helps people instinctively feel at home, and that’s an atmosphere that any hotel wants to promote ... Read more

For Summer Flower Displays, Go Artificial

July is upon us now, and across the nation it’s once again time for Britain in Bloom to catch fire. Real and artificial flowers in a medley of bright, alluring colours spill onto the streets and take over from the lighter, softer tones of spring within shopfronts and restaurants. With this change coming, window dressers and other design professionals will be turning their thoughts once ag ... Read more

Artificial Plants for Shops and Shopping Centres

When fitting out or refitting your shopfront, artificial plants and flowers can be a major part of the look. Many shopping sectors benefit from that touch of greenery to help ground customers and produce a peaceful atmosphere, and a store’s shopfront windows will often have some season-appropriate plants or flowers as part of the window dressing to create the right atmosphere. For Every Sea ... Read more