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Styling your home office with artificial plants & trees

Since the Covid-19 pandemic began, many people have started working from home. Although it was initially a temporary change during lockdown, many employers have realised the benefits, downsized their office spaces, and allowed their employees to continue working remotely. This shift in working environments has led to an increased interest in home office design, as people try to create a dedicated work space that encourages creativity and productivity. One design element that has gained popularity during national and local lockdowns is incorporating plants and small trees into the home interior. Unfortunately, purchasing real plants online or from a garden centre can often be quite costly with more attractive, popular flowers having an even larger price tag. By using artificial plants and trees in your home office design, you can expand your options with a wide range of stunning, low-maintenance, and affordable choices. Here are 5 of our top tips for choosing the best fake flowers, plants and trees for your home office:

Choose options to suit your colour palette

You can choose artificial plants that either compliment your colour scheme or create a contrasting colour-pop. Opting for a neutral tone will help you to relax, which is ideal if you have a stressful work day. Options for this colour scheme include our artificial real touch trailing ivy or the muted tones of dogtail grass in a metal pot. For a colour-pop, you could choose artificial flowers such as silk poppies or deluxe real touch silk gerbera.

Blend art with potted plants

You can create an eye-catching focal point in your home office that will inspire and motivate you. Blend pieces including ornaments, photographs, paintings, and statement lamps with smaller potted plants such as the artificial cactus mix in a glass vase or the artificial potted mini succulent 4 pack.

Don't forget the corners

Many home offices have a depressing empty corner that could use a new lease of life! Bay plants have become a fashionable addition to indoor décor over the last couple of years and our Bay Ball Trees will add the perfect focal point to your home office all year round.

Create a 'living' wall

Why contain the greenery when living walls make such an amazing backdrop for your zoom calls! Our green wall fern mat and Greenwall beadnell mix wall panels can be combined to cover your entire wall space, are easy to mount, and best of all, are extremely lifelike.

Focus on a single plant type or mix and match

Depending on your personal style, you can opt to create a uniform, understated design with a single plant type such as different small succulents, or make a statement by combining pretty much anything you like! If you're looking for plastic flowers, plants and trees to enhance your home office design, shop from one of the UK's largest ranges of artificial plants at Just Artificial. If you require any assistance in choosing the right plants for your requirements, contact us on (01524) 858888 and our friendly team will be happy to assist.