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Multi Buy Saver Product Value Packs

Showing 30 of 30 products
Showing 30 of 30 products

Multi Buy Saver Value Packs Product Information:
These products are sold in a multiple quantity/unit as per the product description. It will be stated how many pieces/units you will get per product bought, for example if it is a 6 x Multi Saver Pack then if you buy Quantity x 1 you will get 6 pieces/units of that product for the price shown, if you buy Quantity x 2 you will get 12 pieces/units of that product for the price shown and so on.
Example: if a product says it is a x6 Saver and is a total price of £60 then you will get 6 x units of that product, so that would work out at £10 per item and you would get 6 of them in total.
We have hand picked some select items that we feel are the kind of items for larger projects, bulk buying and made them have multiple pieces/units ie 3, 6, 12 etc for a set discounted price. Some of these may also have special offers in addition to this. We can offer this because it saves on picking time, re-packing time and packaging waste in our warehouse, so we can pass those savings straight on to our customers.
Please note we cannot split Multi Packs or mix and match different products within Multi Packs, it must be a set number of that same product as per the individual product listing. The same applies for any Returns, we cannot accept only part of a Multi Pack back.