Getting ready to decorate your home or workplace as the winter draws near means stocking up on the best items to reflect a Halloween theme, then pulling out the festive decorations in plenty of time for Christmas.

However, there’s an increasing wish to mark the Armistice of 11th November 1918 too, a traditional Remembrance event now immortalised as ‘Poppy Day’.

To make celebrating all the important national occasions affordable, many people now love the idea of stunningly-realistic artificial flowers, plants, decorations and Christmas trees. Being able to re-use them again next year also makes them a sustainable way to create winter displays in homes.

Here are some great ideas for Halloween, Remembrance Day and then ‘Xmas’.

Get spooky but stylish

All Hallows' Eve doesn’t have to be scary. It’s possible to decorate your home in autumn’s colours and pay a more dignified homage to Halloween. For example, you could select a fake pumpkin and cheery orange carrots for a 'harvest' display piece, or you could arrange fabulous orange and black silk flowers in a sleek ebony vase.

Respecting our heroes

Remembrance poppies will no doubt be purchased and worn as usual. However, you also have an opportunity to adorn your home in a way that pays a dignified tribute to the lives lost in wars. Faux poppy displays can be a tasteful choice to mark the occasion, in the form of garlands or artificial flower arrangements. You could also select from our specialist poppy wreaths and arrangements for cemeteries and memorials.

You may also be interested to know we stock some beautiful poppy wall art that's timeless in its appeal.

In praise of artificial Christmas trees

The creative opportunities provided by the festive season need no introduction. It really is a wonderful time of year, and a wonderful excuse to buy artificial poinsettias and other red, green and silver flower and fern arrangements.

Then, of course, there are no-mess Christmas trees! Artificial fir trees and wreaths for Christmas look incredibly realistic these days, and can be stored away for future use. Or get them colour matched to your interior design!

Don’t forget that we also stock lovely winter wood ornaments and art, garlands and panels, fake snow and a tempting array of festive gifts too.

Happy winter decorating!