It's officially that time of year when festive music rings out in public spaces and you can finally decide that it's all right to opt for a minced pie in the afternoon with your cup of tea. One of the greatest delights at Christmas, however, is filling your environment with decorative cheer. This process can become overwhelming at times, so here are our top tips to help make sure that it's as seamless as possible this year:

1. Combine an authentic look with convenience

If you want to display one or more Christmas trees throughout the month of December then consider opting for artificial Christmas trees to ensure longevity. With so many replica options, you can go for a classic green fir tree appearance with the Artificial Rockland Pine Hinged Luxury Christmas Tree or combine two steps in one with the Artificial Dunhill Fir Hinged Luxury Christmas Tree LED, which comes with lights. There's no need to deal with the everyday vacuuming and maintenance that you get with a chopped tree when you can choose a high-quality faux item that also makes your day easier and less stressful.


2. Don't forget the festive extras

The Christmas tree often takes centre stage, but there is much more to Christmas decorating than just this one piece. Whether on a front door at home or inside your office, a fake wreath such as the Artificial Glitter Christmas Wreath Ringcan offer a bit of sparkle and colour to mark the season. You can also drape faux garlands over fireplaces and bannisters to bring some of the winter foliage outside into your interior environment. Once again, you can save time and effort by opting for a pre-lit LED swag that is already decorated with berries to quickly provide that dash of Christmas cheer in your rooms.

3. Don't overlook the charm of Christmas flowers

When you think of holiday decorations, you often think of tinsel and baubles that stand out from a mile away. For a subtler wintry look, however, consider setting up some vases with warm-toned floral hues, such as the Artificial Silk Poinsettia Spray. Each delicate petal and stamen is finished with glitter to add a bit of extra Xmas sparkle. You can also bring more greenery into your home, such as draping an Artificial Fern & Flower Greenery Trail across your tables and desks. Whatever your taste in garlands, trees and swags, there is a convenient artificial option for everyone this Christmas season. Contact us at Just Artificial for more information about our wide collection of products.