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Could your retail business or workplace do with a spruce up? Flowers can do a great job bringing to
life commercial spaces, providing an attractive finishing touch which is easy on the eye. But looking
after plants is a full-time job, and for businesses without the time or the resources, fire retardant (FR)
and ultraviolet (UV) protected artificial plants can be such a good option in commercial settings - in
this blog, we look at why:

Artificial Staghorn Hanging Trail UV FR
From season to season

Whether indoors or outdoors, artificial plants are made from tough stuff. That means they can
survive the changes in weather which real flowers succumb to. Because of their durability, artificial
plants can stand the test of time and prove a savvy business investment. The UV protected range
are perfect for outside and exterior planting, and you can rely on them not to fall victim to the sun
and wind.

Artificial Silk Japanese Maple Tree IFR
Safety first

Real plants can pose a fire risk when compared to the interior FR plants, trees and greenery in our
range which are designed to be redundant in the scenario of a fire. This can be an essential
requirement in commercial premises and public areas when insurance policies necessitate it.

Artificial Cordyline Grnyell FR
The 'reality' factor

Whether you are placing them on designer gardens, patios, conservatories, verandas, balconies, or
in a corporate office - visitors might have to do a double-take when they see replica flowers from
Just Artificial Limited. That's because we manufacture FR and UV protected silk and plastic plants
which are remarkably realistic, and can be indistinguishable from real plants without close

Artificial Trailing Ivy Bush UV
Fantastic flexibility

Because they are so easily re-potted, and do not rely on any natural factors, you can move artificial
plants around whenever, and wherever you see fit. For businesses with spaces which are typically
rearranged on a regular basis, or during the stages of architects experimenting with a room layout
during refurbs and refits, the tremendous flexibility offered by faux plants cannot be matched.

Artificial Coral Bush UV
Those are just some of the reasons why high-quality fake flowers can offer the benefits real plants
do, without the downsides. Why not browse our range today and buy online UK-wide? Just visit

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