While it's important for your business to portray a professional and corporate vibe to customers, you
can still embrace the festive season with your choice of decorations. Winter has stripped the world
of its natural beauty but faux plants can add a touch of greenery to a building, instantly making any
business warm and inviting.

Christmas trees galore
There is always room for a Christmas tree in your business building. It showcases you as an approachable company, unafraid to embrace the yuletide joy associated with the merry season. An elegantly decorated and bushy pine
tree is perfect for companies trying to convey a more traditional Xmas aesthetic. The trees at Just
Artificial are such good quality that staff and customers will never spot that they're fake.

However, each industry across the public and private sector is unique and might want a less
traditional tree to accommodate their individuality. Umbrella trees are a great way to add a more
unconventional twist to your Christmas display, while an understated snowy twig tree can be
dressed up with some yellow toned fairy lights.

Faux trees are excellent replicas for the real thing, except these can be used every year; this is not
only more cost effective, but it is also a great way to reduce your company's carbon footprint.

Don't neglect the outside
The first thing people see is the exterior of your building and if it's grey and surrounded by leafless
trees, they won't want to learn more about the services you provide. Artificial plants, like garlands
and even glossy palms, can make the outdoor/exterior of any building instantly more appealing.
Using a combination of Christmas trees and succulents can tastefully inject life back into the

Our exterior ivy and garlands are a great replica for the real thing, except they can elegantly entwine around
posts and bollards every year without decaying. Flowers aren't reserved solely for spring and
tropical parties, their subtle inclusion adds a much-needed pop of colour to the exterior of your
company building. Hanging baskets cascading with festive red flowers are a must have for your
business, as they are sure to catch the eye of every passer-by.

Just Artificial has everything all businesses need to bring greenery back to the corporate world this