If you’re thinking of selling your house, no doubt you’ll be considering how best to present it to prospective buyers. There’s no denying that clean properties, decorated to a high standard are more likely to sell. But flowers can play a significant role in breathing new life into your interiors, and by doing so, helping you entice buyers.


Especially, if you need to sell your property fast(maybe you need to relocate for a new job or starting a new chapter in your life), but, you don’t have the time or budget to undertake a sizeable re-decoration project. Then flowers can be a simple yet effective strategy to give your home a fresh lease of life.


If you’re working to short timescales, artificial faux flowers and plants are easy to purchase and don’t require any maintenance and are cost-effective. You don’t have to worry about buying fresh flowers every day or wondering what do with your new plants after the sale.


Here are five great ideas on how to use artificial flowers to make your home more attractive to prospective buyers.


  1. If you want to focus on selling your property, the last thing you want to worry about is getting to grips with any type of gardening skills — especially if you’re not naturally green-fingered. Let’s face it; there’s nothing worse than wilting flowers to put off prospective buyers. Thankfully flowers and plants don’t require any maintenance. So, you don’t have to worry about watering them, avoiding direct sunlight or waiting for them to bloom.


  1. Which flowers to pick? A general rule of thumb is it’s best to select plants that are attractive and fit in any space without looking too overwhelming. You can get a range of stems and mixed foliage to create a ‘fleshed out’ display — great for tables or as a centre-piece in a room. To make a welcoming atmosphere, faux succulents, and other cacti work well and can be placed on window sills or used to brighten up the kitchen or empty shelves. They also make gorgeous table decorations.


  1. It’s all about the vase. Getting the right vase will help you arrange your flowers in the best way. And, this doesn't mean you have to go and spend a small fortune. Instead, let yourself get creative. Recycled coloured bottles are perfect for long thin stemmed flowers. Or kitchenware like an old soup bowl is perfect for larger bouquets, while old pitchers create a lovely rustic feel.  But really you can use anything — old wellies to old teapots. To liven up clear glass vases why not try adding food-dye into the water to make vibrant colours to brighten up darker spaces.


  1. How to choose colours?  If you want to freshen up your home to sell it, you still want to keep a level of neutrality. So, focus on one or two colours that match or complement your current interior colour scheme. Don’t go overboard. Be sensitive that yours buyers tastes in décor may not match your own.


  1. Mix and Match. There’s no reason why you can’t mix real fresh flowers with your artificial arrangements — this will give you extra texture and fragrance and make your displays looker fuller and more vibrant.


If you want to make an impression, spending a little time decorating your home with a selection of faux flowers, will help your prospective buyers feel welcome and at home. And hopefully get you a quick sale.