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Artificial Plants, Trees & Flowers: Why they work for both home decor and businesses

Whether you want to spruce up the exterior or interior of your home this Summer, artificial flowers, trees and accessories can make all the difference. Also known as fake, faux or replica plants, these useful decorative pieces are increasing in popularity as people switch on to the benefits of an easy and cost-effective solution for brightening up an indoors or outdoors area.

The gardens, patios, verandas, balconies and conservatories of domestic settings can all take advantage of high-quality silk plants, especially as we crave bright and vibrant colours as we are in mid Summer and head towards Autumn. In this blog, we discuss the advantages of using plastic or silk plants, as well as trees and other accessories.


Fresh flowers are enjoyed by many, but if you are a property owner seeking a cost-effective solution to brighten up your home in time for Summer and the longer days beyond, they can be unrealistic to say the least. Unless you have the budget to replace real plants regularly, artificial flowers can represent a sensible option which allows you to incorporate a worthy design feature without breaking the bank.

Ideal for allergy sufferers

There is no pollen in artificial plants, which means that they can be perfect for homes where allergy sufferers live. They are less likely to develop headaches or start sneezing uncontrollably.

And if you have hayfever, you can still enjoy plants, flowers and trees in your house!

Low maintenance

When it comes to your flowers, plants and trees, you can take the low maintenance option by going artificial. You won't need to replace them every few weeks, and all they need is a quick dusting down every time you do your regular house clean.

Designed to survive

When you pack up and go away for your holidays, your artificial plants will still be there when you come back. They won't have grown out of control, or worst still, died. And you can easily update your displays seasonally or for specific holidays.

It isn't just homes which can benefit from artificial plants, trees or silk flowers - they are also suitable for offices, bars, restaurants, gyms, colleges, hotels and spas. Are you looking to build your collection of high-quality artificial plants? Rely on the best UK online provider, visit today and browse our leading range of artificial flowers, plants, trees and accessories this Summer.