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Artificial Silk Bamboo Tree

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Why not give your indoor space a bit of airy Oriental appeal with our artificial silk bamboo tree, and bring a touch of the Far East to your environment? Perfect for the hall, living room, or office, this is an artificial tree which will be instantly recognised. Several can be used together as an effective screen.

In its natural habitat in Asia, the bamboo plant (Latin name Bambusoideae) can grow an incredible 89 cm per day, making it a popular choice for both building materials and food sources. It’s a flowering perennial evergreen, which means it will keep on growing back. Thankfully, our artificial variety will stay exactly as it did on the day you bought it, with no need for any maintenance.

The fine, delicate green foliage of a bamboo is perfectly recreated with silk, which gives our model’s leaves the same sort of texture and look as a natural bamboo plant.

Featuring four "still green" genuine wood trunks, sprouting upward to a height of approx. 158cm (approx. 5 foot 4") to give it a truly natural appearance, our artificial bamboo tree is supplied with a simple carriage pot as shown in the image, and is all ready to be added to your choice of decorative plant pot. You could also scatter contrasting slate pebbles across the top to finish the look.

Specification & extra information
Suggested Usage:Office planting,
Restaurants and Bars,
Schools, colleges, universities,
Boutiques and health spas,
Around the home,
Gyms and recreational centres,
Q: How will my plant or tree arrive?

The majority of our artificial plants and trees come cemented in a standard black round carriage pot. This is generally 15cm by 15cm although for taller trees it can be bigger - maybe 20cm by 20cm. They are purely a means to give the product some weight and a basic means to stand up, allowing for you to plant the tree complete in the carriage pot in a more decorative planter of your choice. This can then be filled with sand, soil, gravel and topped off with a decorative topping like coloured pebbles. We sell a wide variety of planters and topping to help you complete your display. Some plants and smaller items come with no pot at all and just a stem. We try to mention this wherever possible. This will simply push into your soil or oasis foam. Most items are shipped in cardboard boxes and will require minimal dressing and positioning of the foliage once unpacked. Most trees will arrive with the branches pointing upwards to ease transportation and reduce packaging size - please don't be alarmed if your 6ft tree looks nearer 7ft in the box etc - this will be rectified once unpacked and the branches are pulled down to a natural shape.

Q: I am looking to place a large order of this item please could you check stock availability and lead times on this product?

No problem at all, we hold general rolling stock but also have regular new stock shipments arriving - if you email us our six digit product ID (found above when a product is selected) preferably with the colour and size too and the quantity you are interested in. We would also need to know any particular dates you would need delivery for if you was to proceed with an order. We will then find out for you and let you know availability ASAP, no obligation.

If you have a budget to stick to this would be a good time to let us know too, that way if we know of a similar product that we feel might be more suited to help keep within your budget we can look into that for you at the same time and then give you all the options and suggestions.

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