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Artificial Interchangeable Branch Forked Tree 2.7m

  • Faux Silk Bespoke Tree: Life-like trunk, with a great choice of various flower or foliage branch styles to choose from. The Flowers and Foliage have been designed perfectly to resemble the real thing!

  • Material: Premium synthetics for maximum durability and lustre. Realistic Metal Trunk covered in Fibreglass. Metal Base Plate. Silk blend gives this faux tree an incredible shelf life.

  • Available Size: 2.7m/ 270cm/ 8ft 3". Non-Allergenic material.

  • Design Highlight: These Interchangeable Kits are so easy to put together and dismantle if you need to move them about. Ideal for Events, Shows and Exhibitions. Simply choose your trunk shape/style and then select the foliage type you want to use.

  • Care Tip: wipe leaves of imitation plants with damp cloth. Do not use abrasive cleaning agents. Use caution when drying the leaves, as the towel can loosen individual parts of each leaf. Or use our cleaning spray.

Just Artificial keeps creating their home decorative range of botanically accurate florals. It is a finely designed artificial tree – the faux silk Long Wisteria Branch embodies their unique approach flawlessly. You get a landscaping plant that will not wilt or weep. You get evergreen foliage with almost no maintenance.

- 16 interchangeable slots per tree - Choose any of the foliage types, even mix them up if you want!

Measurements (approx): 
(May differ depending on branch)
Height of trunk = 190cm/ 1.9m/ 6ft 4"
Height with branches on= 270cm/2.7m/ 8ft 3"
Width with branches on=160cm/ 1.6m/ 5ft 4"
*Trunk base, your choice of foliage or flowering branches and fittings will be included - everything you need*

The trunk is made from Metal and covered to replicate a real trunk with Fibreglass and painted to give that finishing touch. There is a metal square base plate fixed to the bottom of the trunk for safely securing into the floor/planter. We do not recommend letting these trees free stand they are too large - they do need fixing at the base to a suitable structure/material and/or planting up in a decent sized planter. We recommend a planter at least 60cm diameter and at least 60cm tall.

The Branches can be securely attached quickly and easily. The flowers or foliage/leaves are already attached to the branches and are not intended to be removed. It is just as simple to remove the Branches if you need to pack it down and transport it somewhere else. We recommend keeping the original boxes to store them in if you are doing this. You can use any of the branches listed on this tree and you can mix them up if you prefer to make a unique Tree, for example a White and Green Ficus Tree!

Everything you need to get the tree set up is included (except tools!). We sell extra branches separately as well.

Breathtakingly beautiful and almost real, this imitation Tree takes the centre stage for creating natural boundaries or barricades in lobby areas and entryways! These artificial trees need zero-maintenance and are a wonderful option for livening-up your living space. Use of premium synthetics means these Trees will never wilt, look bare or die as compared to their real life counterparts. Use these artificial trees if you want to avoid the time and cost of pruning, watering or re-potting. Great for any home, business or event! Designed for indoor use only, you could place or use them outdoors but we could not advise how long they would last. Occasional use outside in dry and not windy weather should be possible. Ideal for locations where access or entrance space is restricted and areas where normally moving a tree this size would be difficult.

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Specification & extra information
Category:TreesInterchangeable Branch Tree Kits
Fibreglass GRP
Suggested Usage:Hotels,
Restaurants and Bars,
Gyms and recreational centres,
Schools, colleges, universities,
Office planting,
Around the home,
Boutiques and health spas
Choose your trunk style, choose your foliage style, all fixings come with them, easy to put together, simple! A great range of various size and shape Artificial Tree Trunks with various complimenting branch foliage leaf colours and styles to choose from that simply fix on. You can remove them, swap them and re-fix them over and over again. Great for events and exhibitions, window dressing and places where access is limited, if you want to change the foliage seasonally or if you need to regularly transport them.
Excluded from Free Delivery: This product is large, bulky and/or heavy to ship and is excluded from free delivery (unless the description actually states UK Mainland delivery is included in the product price) and delivery will be charged to the customer at cost. We recommend you contact us for a delivery quote prior to ordering, but if you are happy to place the order and us get you a quote after that is fine. We would contact you to advise on secure payment methods for the additional delivery cost. Once we know the delivery postcode and which items are to be sent we will get as many quotes for the delivery as possible, to try and source the lowest current delivery price available. We only charge this at cost to us.
Non Returnable and Non Refundable Product: These particular products are non returnable and non refundable as part of our terms and conditions. This will be because they are a bespoke or hand built to order item. If you are in any doubt we recommend you order one first before placing a larger order for multiple items of this product. If for any reason the product has been damaged during transport (which is exceptionally rare with this type of product) we can only arrange an exchange as long as the products were signed for as damaged on delivery and if possible take some photos of the damages and the signed delivery slip/machine at the time of delivery, so we can use this as proof with the courier when claiming.
Q: How will my plant or tree arrive?

The majority of our artificial plants and trees come cemented in a standard black round carriage pot. This is generally 15cm by 15cm although for taller trees it can be bigger - maybe 20cm by 20cm. They are purely a means to give the product some weight and a basic means to stand up, allowing for you to plant the tree complete in the carriage pot in a more decorative planter of your choice. This can then be filled with sand, soil, gravel and topped off with a decorative topping like coloured pebbles. We sell a wide variety of planters and topping to help you complete your display. Some plants and smaller items come with no pot at all and just a stem. We try to mention this wherever possible. This will simply push into your soil or oasis foam. Most items are shipped in cardboard boxes and will require minimal dressing and positioning of the foliage once unpacked. Most trees will arrive with the branches pointing upwards to ease transportation and reduce packaging size - please don't be alarmed if your 6ft tree looks nearer 7ft in the box etc - this will be rectified once unpacked and the branches are pulled down to a natural shape.

Q: I am looking to place a large order of this item please could you check stock availability and lead times on this product?

No problem at all, we hold general rolling stock but also have regular new stock shipments arriving - if you email us our six digit product ID (found above when a product is selected) preferably with the colour and size too and the quantity you are interested in. We would also need to know any particular dates you would need delivery for if you was to proceed with an order. We will then find out for you and let you know availability ASAP, no obligation.

If you have a budget to stick to this would be a good time to let us know too, that way if we know of a similar product that we feel might be more suited to help keep within your budget we can look into that for you at the same time and then give you all the options and suggestions.

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Just Artificial want you to be happy with your purchase - if you are not completely satisfied with your product, simply let us know within 14 days of delivery (or if your product is faulty or damaged within 24 hours of delivery) and you can return the goods to us within 14 days of letting us know, for a refund or exchange. This then gives you a total of 28 days to return any item(s). If your product is made to your own specifications and sizes or we ordered in extra stock to satisfy your order requirements or the product information states the product is non refundable and non returnable, then it is classed as a bespoke non standard item and is non refundable and non returnable. Please see our Terms & Conditions for more detailed information at the very bottom of the page.

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