Artifical pansy Ball hanging basketArtificial plants and flowers have come a long way over the years. It was once easy to spot a fake specimen, even from a distance, but with advances in production and technology, fake trees, plants and flowers are now more lifelike than ever before. The advantages of dotting artificial plants in and around our homes and gardens are well-known, but they also work spectacularly well when used in the work place.

When supplied for offices, artificial plants can really brighten up any space, especially for those workplaces that consist of lots of grey concrete. A couple of fake trees located outside an office door can create a welcoming entrance, while silk flowers placed in a reception area provide a great first impression, and will look continually at their best at any time of year.

Artificial Ficus TreeWhen staff are busy focusing on their jobs, they are not likely to have time to water and care for real plants, but artificial plants placed inside an office or outdoors area require hardly any maintenance at all. Since they look so real, plants will continue to create a favourable impression with clients and customers. Fake trees and flowers are also incredibly cost-effective for any business, as they last such a long time. For offices with an outdoor area, installing fake grass can also cut out the need for hiring garden maintenance services to keep the lawn trim and looking pristine - another money-saving bonus that comes with opting for artificial greenery.

Research has proven that house plants and greenery can improve a person's mood and increase concentration levels, which makes them ideal for offices. However, with many people suffering from allergies associated with the pollen from real plants, it is not always practical having genuine specimens in the workplace. This is where artificial plants really come into their own when used in offices. They provide the stunning colour and lifelike greenery that can make an office space a more invigorating and inviting place to work, without the inconvenience of producing allergens that can negatively affect a person's health.