If you’ve been tuning in to the news recently, you’ll know that this summer is set to be the UK’s hottest in a decade. This is excellent news for lovers of all things summery, and means many of us will be spending much more time outdoors in the coming months. It also means that businesses - both in the public and private sectors - may want to start thinking about kitting their premises out with relevant and mood-making decor. Faux flowers and plants are a fantastic way of generating a summer ambience and, depending on the nature of the business, can do wonders for those hoping to entice clients in need of somewhere to chill out in the heat. What’s more, replica plants bring none of the hassle associated with the real things, saving you time, money and effort. After all, you will likely have far more exciting things to do this summer than tending to flowers in the heat!

Hotels and restaurants

Hotels and restaurants can benefit from tasteful hanging baskets, faux succulents and replica ivy, particularly if they feature an outside seating area. Relaxing with a cooling glass of wine while surrounded by a wonderfully arranged display is the epitome of summer joy for many of us, and can really round off the customer service experience.

Leisure centres and spas

Leisure centres and spas can afford to go a little more tropical with their replica plants than other types of businesses. This is because spas, pools and saunas are very much associated with warmer climes, and can mentally transport clients to the Mediterranean. Artificial paradise palm trees, spider plants, and fruit are all great items to evoke the feeling of the perfect summer getaway.

Offices and showrooms

While corporate environments such as offices may not benefit from the same extravagant pieces as spas, sprucing up an office with silk flowers or delicate faux trees is a great way to boost employee well-being and entice new clients. Decking reception areas, meeting rooms and outside spaces with air plants, cover plants, tasteful flowers or Yucca Grass UV for outdoors can be a great way to demonstrate that your organisation celebrates the beauty of summer months.