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Back to School Blooms

As the night begins to darken and the days begin to get colder (and wetter!), Autumn is well and truly upon us. Don’t let the falling leaves outside impact the colour and life of your business’s flowers and plants, though! For your shopfronts and places of work, you can keep things blooming even this late in the year if you just think artificially.

Now is the perfect time to make your business stand out. With flowers beginning to wilt and autumnal leaves littering the ground, not brighten up your shopfront with a hanging basket? From our bright pansies to our elegant geraniums, you can keep all the appeal of well-maintained flower baskets with none of the fuss.

For larger rooms, it’s worth considering what a few larger placements could do.  Between our realistic Ficus, Wisteria, orange trees and cherry blossoms, you’re bound to find something that complements the colour scheme of the room you’re decorating, but will help it looking lively and fresh all season long.

Defy the Seasons

With the right selection of artificial flowers and planters decorating your place of work, you can keep control of the look you want for as long as you want it. We’ve have some excellent advice catering to shops and restaurant-owners, but really it’s down to you to determine which of our products will best fit your business.

The one thing we’re certain of is that we’re bound to have something in stock that would perfectly match your establishment all-year round.

The great thing is, regardless of how many schoolkids bustle past your artificial decorations on the way back to school, knocking them over will cause no mess and can be easily rectified. Don’t let your creativity be hampered by the season. Instead, bring the presence of realistic plants to your establishment and create the atmosphere you want!